Exploring creative ways to use Freeform

I've really been enjoying seeing different examples of how educators are using Freeform recently, and wanted to share some things that I've been doing at home and in the classroom. The thing I love most about Freeform is that it really is like a blank canvas for you to be creative with - you can use it to do moodboards and record ideas, but also to create mini games and activities for students!

In this first example, I created a treasure hunt map for a local park. Each stop has an activity that participants complete and add to their copy of the map, including recording slow motion video of a crow flying, pitching an Augmented Reality tent (I must give Lyndsey Stuttard a big shoutout here for sharing her tips for using AR models in Freeform!) and photographing plants.

 These are some examples of using Freeform for Design mood boards, trip planning and for placing resources for students. I love that when you add maps (like in the Fossil Hunting example), it inserts a mini version of it as the thumbnail!

A Freeform moodboard for a Design project
A Freeform board with a human body diagram and YouTube videos linked to different body parts
A Freeform board planning a fossil hunting trip

I also wanted to share a couple of simple tips for creating collages from photographs, which works especially well if students are making nature diaries. In this example, I photographed plants on a trip to a museum garden. I then used the photo cutout feature in iOS16+ to quickly copy and paste the flowers, leaves and snail onto my board: 

They look really beautiful when you start to layer them up. You can also use the Look Up feature (press the sparkly ✨i) to help to identify the plants that you find! 

Using the Look Up tool to research plants

How are other people using it? I'd love to see more ideas!

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May 10, 2023

These are wonderful and very creative examples! I appreciate the screen shots - your post certainly gave me a lot of Freeform ideas! The Park Treasure Hunt is such fun!

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