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Traditional classroom instructors receive training about technology in the classroom all the time… but often the online learning labs are overlooked in these scenarios. When a teacher has 100 to 200 online courses for credit recovery or nontraditional educational programs, how can these instructors best differentiate lessons for the online learners? Online learning Usually involves self paced tutorials plus traditional ABCD questions for learners that are very straightforward. Sure some of the tutorials require students to do matching, highlighting, drop-down menus, etc., but it does not provide the instruction enrichment in the traditional classroom. Now with the integration of so many technological advancements, students can easily find answers with a click of a button rather than truly learning the curriculum. I believe that to enhance the online learning labs, there needs to be interactive notebooks, unit projects, additional studying guides and activities, to truly enrich the learning… But one individual cannot create lessons for over 100 courses. I have created about 30 generic activities that can be used from course to course, but if anybody has any additional content to share or suggestions on how to enrich an online lab that is run by one person, I would love to hear some ideas. Thank you for your time… I always want to continue to improve our program.

Posted on July 28, 2023 in response to jkh1222

Yes to your comment “there needs to be interactive notebooks, unit projects, additional studying guides and activities, to truly enrich the learning… “. All of these are so helpful in engaging online learners. There are lots of ideas here in the Apple Education Community and the Everyone Can Create books that might be applied to online learning labs. Can you explain a little more how the labs are structured? Can you use materials that have been posted here in the learning labs?

Question: Online learning labs

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