Request: Does Anyone Use a Student Technology Survey?


Hi everyone!

I'm wondering if anyone administers (or has administered, or plans to administer) a student survey that strives to measure the impact of Apple technology on their learning and, perhaps a bit more generally, their lives in and outside of school...?

Some context: We are a regional high school district, and students are all equipped with MacBook Air laptops. In the past, we've given a survey that is made available by our state (NJTRAx), as well as the BrightBytes student technology survey (years ago). We've also given faculty Apple's Learning Technology Survey -- which is helpful, but targets faculty rather than students.

We're able to collect so many more metrics now using instruments other than surveys, such as actual device analytics (run-time, software launches and usage, etc.) and classroom practices (walkthroughs that measure SAMR, TPACK, etc.).

I have a feeling we'll end up creating our own student survey from scratch to fill in the gaps (i.e. what the other analytical instruments we're using might be missing) -- like student perceptions about the device's impact on their learning, how the device supports their academic and creative pursuits, how they perceive our 1:1 programming to be preparing them for life beyond our high school, and more.

Anyway, would love to see what kinds of surveys you all might be using to accomplish something similar!

Posted on January 30, 2024 in response to Merlin

We do - we use a company called BrightBytes to survey students, teachers, and parents each year. We like that data because we can also compare against other districts across the country. Unfortunately, they were bought by Google and Google is shutting it down. It has really helped us to see both big picture and small details. We will likely write our own in the future (we were writing our own questions anyway). It is VERY helpful to have that survey data when planning and also when making requests - purchasing, asking for time on campuses, money for professional learning, etc.

Posted on February 12, 2024 in response to MorganC

Thanks for sharing this, Morgan. We used to use BrightBytes (years ago), too. Didn't realize that they were sunsetting those surveys/tools!

Question: Request: Does Anyone Use a Student Technology Survey?

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