Utilizing iMovie in learning


I have learned to utilize iMovie when working with my students. Usually, Flip Grid would be the way to go to provide a short and concise "trailer" of what students are working on, but iMovie allows the users to provide an opportunity to utilize creative freedom in their classes.

With that said, how would you incorporate your subject into iMovie?

Posted on November 14, 2023 in response to alishan

iMovie is SO fun! I taught U.S. history - utilizing iMovie to make "documentaries" or even "trailers" for historical events and eras can be so engaging, especially when using the storyboard templates in iMovie. I love the idea of having students create and then post to Flip to turn their work into a gallery for everyone to view.

Posted on November 30, 2023 in response to alishan

In a word, it is about one thing: Storytelling.

Whether that is a personal story or journey, or explaining a concept or something they have learned or are passionate about, video creation is such a power of il and personal way for students to show what they know.

My students use iMovie in both my Music and Geography classes to show what they have learned in a more visual and creative way.

Just picking up on word from your post — trailer. You should check out the trailers templates in iMovie. They provide a great preset template for students to tell their learning story in a chosen movie trailer style.

Also, I’d suggest also checking out Clips. It’s perfect for use in the classroom and suits short-form video content. And, the stickers and posters are both super helpful and great fun!

Question: Utilizing iMovie in learning

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