Help or Resource for showing the added value of apps like Keynote or Pages vs Slides and Docs?


My district is heavy Google users, although we are K-8 iPads. Many teachers still struggle with knowing why they should consider using Keynote instead of slides. When I have conversations with them and talk to them about some of the added value of Keynote, most often they understand and begin to dabble with the app. However, as the only coach in my district, I cannot have conversations like this at scale. Does anyone have a resource / one - pager already developed that would advertise / summarize the benefits of Keynote and Pages compared to Slides and Docs?

Posted on December 13, 2023 in response to mbrenner

I don’t have a one pager but perhaps we can gather some ideas here and you can pull them into a one pager.

For me, Keynote is much easier to use on iPad than Slides. Here are some things I appreciate (most all also apply to Pages)

  1. It is easier to move text and images around in Keynote. It is a bit clunkier in Slides.
  2. I like the Animation (Add Action), magic move and multiple transitions feature in Keynote that add meaning to content.
  3. I like the Record Audio feature directly onto Keynote
  4. I like the ease of export to Movie and Animated Gif on Keynote
  5. I like the way the accessibility features on iPad can be used in Keynote and Pages.
  6. I like the Drawing feature that works smoothly in Keynote and Pages.

Hope some of these help and that others add their ideas.

Posted on December 13, 2023 in response to mbrenner

I agree with Cheryl on her thoughts.

One thing I did with all the Apple apps, was I just started creating and using them with staff, but never told them you need or should use this, I just used it creatively and they began want to do what I was doing.

Also going through the Everyone Can Create projects was a great way to get them to see the “light”. The projects work with Keynote and other apps that make it easy to follow and create. Then they might see how much easier and great Keynote is. And it is so easy to use.

i was a huge Excel geek, and thought numbers was a joke. But the more I used it, the more I appreciated the simplicity and ease of use.

Posted on December 14, 2023 in response to mbrenner

I second what Cheryl said about the Drawing feature that can be done in the iWorks apps. As a math teacher, I need to see students showing their work and it’s hard to illustrate without the drawing tools. Also, I was never a fan of the equations editor in Google Docs.

I feel like Pages is more adaptable than Docs. Docs is truly just a word processor, whereas Pages can do more than just an essay. This year, I have started having students create ebooks that they can save to their Books app to reference the same material during later chapters, and one of the tools that they use is the image gallery (unavailable on Docs, I believe).

Good luck!! I can completely relate to needing to help teachers see the benefits of the iWorks apps over Google! Our district was super Google heavy before we switched to iPads, and some teachers still are in the Google world.

Posted on December 14, 2023 in response to mbrenner

I can so easily relate to your puzzle and I know that sometimes it's just a visual. The 4th grade student was attempting to add to her human body presentation in Google Draw or Canvas, not sure. I asked if she knew Keynote, she said she needed a reminder on how to trace an image, and 10 minutes later she had the following finished. Students quickly added animation features to their digestive system and the principal who had brought me into the room was beaming.


two images of a student drawing the digestive system, one in Google Draw, one in Keynote.
Google Draw, or Keynote The choice is yours.

Posted on January 10, 2024 in response to 4Curiosity

I wonder if thinking beyond Keynote and Pages is helpful too... could you show how teachers can have an eye on all student iPads whilst working in these apps by using Classroom?

Question: Help or Resource for showing the added value of apps like Keynote or Pages vs Slides and Docs?

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