Using Apple Schoolwork for collaboration


Hey all! I am hoping to gain some of your expertise on a collaboration query. I have students using apple schoolwork and I selected specific students within a class to collaborate on a numbers document. However, the changes one student makes does not seem to be reflected on the document. It seems to have generated seperate copies even though I selected to collaborate on the same file. They use managed ID’s…..

Posted on January 02, 2024 in response to jean227

Sorry you're having this experience, Jean.

Can you go to the iPad's settings and ensure both Schoolwork and Numbers are up-to-date on both instructor and student devices? At the time of this writing, Schoolwork is at 2.5.1 and Numbers should be on 13.2.

Posted on January 07, 2024 in response to jean227

We have this issue with collaboration from time to time - I have a couple of suggestions.

While we do use collaboration in iWork, probably worth mentioning that we don't use Schoolwork - we use Schoology (3-12) and Seesaw (PK-2) as our LMS platforms and our feedback from our teachers was that adding in Schoolwork was a workflow that was not efficient for them or students.

  • Change link to "ANYONE WITH THE LINK" instead of invited only - for some reason this seems to help collaboration work more smoothly in general.
  • Airdrop always makes it's own copy, even if collaborate is selected, so skip over that option - have been told it is a "known issue". However, copying the link into a Note and airdropping the Note does work for us.
  • Share the link via email - this seems to work the most smoothly for us.

Question: Using Apple Schoolwork for collaboration

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