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In the age of social media and technological advancement is it possible for a person or group of people to lose their sense of identity? Both group and individual identities? How will Apple promote individualism in a snap judgement society? The company in my opinion has done an outstanding job creating and maintaining its own identity in a sea of technological advancement from so many competitors to still remain one of the most prominent our generation has seen. I personally love personalizing my devices to fit into my personal life to serve as an addition to my being not the culmination of my entire being. With so much division and lack of technical savvy in the world today compared to previous generations since implementing cellular devices into our lives I’ve seen people who’s identities seemed stable become less sure of themselves and borderline envious. Which in itself causes friction. What would be something to give those people so that they’re less uncertain and more confident in themselves over the long term?

Posted on February 28, 2024 in response to garrieldo

I'm not sure I have an answer, but I can tell you the struggle I have with online forums and social media platforms is that they can become overwhelming. I feel like these platforms seem to be used for showing either our highest highs or lowest lows and it really takes away the nuance of life, our humanness (or identity as you put it.)

I think the worst case scenarios are people who fall down rabbit holes of depression or extremism. Less dangerous scenarios are "fanboy" situations...such a people who really like Tesla or Apple.

MOST humans crave community as it is hardwired into our DNA and whenever we join a community it comes with some cost to our person identity.

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