Apple Classroom Devices Stuck Authorizing


We have setup apple classroom for the first time and we've had a big adjustment to get them all working (Staff iPads were on a different network to students - had to flatten this out).

Everything is done in ASM and classes and student enrolment is working fine - but on our network the devices are all stuck authorizing. Until I take them off the network and onto a hotspot and they authorise normally.

We have not noticed anything else that isn't working and while we have a work around, I fear that this authorizing step may occur regularly so I need to find the actual issue.

Is there any way, or does anyone know, what I may need to unblock or open on the network for this to work? I have checked out firewall and its not something trying to get outside the network, nothing is being blocked. So I feel its something on the wireless network and our ACL lists we need to modify.

For reference all devices are DEP enrolled, owned by us, and controlled via JAMF. Devices running 17.3 or 17.3.1

Posted on February 13, 2024 in response to arobinsonPGS


Great troubleshooting by testing on a hotspot. Given they are authorizing fine off the network, we may've found our variable.

Classroom needs ports 3283 and 3284 open in order to work. Can you check your network to see if these ports have been inadvertently closed?

If this doesn't work, I would call AppleCare Education Support at 1-800-800-2775.

Either way, please report back so we'll all learn together.

Posted on February 13, 2024 in response to arobinsonPGS

It's a great step to know that on a hotspot things work; that will at least mean the setup in Apple School Manager is doing it's part.

Depending on your wireless vendor, there may be an option called "P2P Blocking Action" that may prevent peer-to-peer traffic from being allowed.

Posted on February 13, 2024 in response to rsaeks

Excellent point, Randy.

Question: Apple Classroom Devices Stuck Authorizing

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