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We have recently ordered 1:1 stylus for our students to work with their iPads - I am after amazing ideas on how to store students stylus in class.

iPads currently live in boxes, charge in charging cupboards.

Styluses will be students that will follow them through their year levels at school.

How do you store your students styluses in class when they are not in use?

Thank you,


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Posted on March 13, 2024 in response to alexwalkernz

We have the iPad case for their Logitech Crayons. But my wife has a class set of iPads and Apple Pencils but the case does not hold the pencil, so she uses an Artist brush roll up bag off of Amazon. It works great.

Posted on March 13, 2024 in response to bwphillips70

That is a great idea, we have purchased the App Pencil stylus (great for our primary age students and pencil grip), so I am thinking of storage solutions that suit junior class management. Thank you for this idea

Posted on March 23, 2024 in response to alexwalkernz

Hi Alex

What type of cases do you have? We have iPad cases that hold an Apple pencil which doesn't help you!

Are they BYO devices or are they charged and stored at school? I am guessing it is the newer type of pencil that charges by magnetically connecting to the side of the iPad?

One option is to label (the trusty label maker machine) each pencil that will correspond to a particular iPad so then, it can be reconnected easily each time. Hope that makes sense!


Posted on March 31, 2024 in response to marymcevb

Hello Mary, we purchased the App Pencil Stylus (not apple brand) but I have since used this solution for storage, trialling as we go throughout the year. Some classes have chosen to use containers with names on the stylus.  

Stylus pencils hanging on coloured hooks for organisation and student accessibility

Question: Class stylus organisation

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