Accessibility from the Beginning: Idea Share

Accessibility from the Beginning

As educators, we have the power to build truly inclusive learning environments for all students. Let's share ideas on how you make accessibility a priority from the get-go.

Why Accessibility Matters:

  • Empowers All Learners: When accessibility is priority, we open doors for every student to reach their full potential. This builds confidence (self-efficacy!) and fosters a classroom where everyone feels supported.
  • Reduces Stigma: Showcasing the incredible accessibility features of iPads and integrating them seamlessly into lessons helps break down barriers and normalize assistive technologies. All learners can use what they need to succeed!
  • It's the Right Thing to Do: Building accessibility into our classrooms isn't just good practice, it's our responsibility. What is essential for some is beneficial for everyone!

5 Accessibility Tips for Educators:

  1. Color Contrast is Key: Use high-contrast color combinations for text and backgrounds. This ensures everyone, including those with visual impairments, can easily read your content. Did you know that 1 in 12 boys is color blind?
  2. Descriptive Linking is Essential: Don't just say "click here." Write clear and concise link text that describes where the link leads. This benefits everyone, but especially those using screen readers.
  3. Table Headers/Footers Guide the Way: Structure your tables with clear headers and footers. This allows screen readers to navigate and understand the data effectively.
  4. Paragraph Styles Keep it Organized: Utilize heading styles and clear formatting to break up your text. This improves readability for everyone and makes content easier to understand for those with dyslexia or other reading difficulties.
  5. Image Descriptions Paint a Picture: Don't leave images unexplained! Provide contextual descriptions of the content within images. This is crucial for visually impaired learners and enhances understanding for all.

For more specifics around these design tips and more, check out this resource in this Apple Book: Access for All: Immersive Experience in Accessible Design.

Front Cover of Apple Book Titled Access for All:  Unleash Inclusive Digital Design in iWork

Let's Share Ideas in this Discussion Thread:

What are your favorite ways to build accessibility into your instructional intentions and experiences? Do your learners have any favorite tools to support their learning? Share your favorite accessibility tips and success stories in the comments below.

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July 12, 2024

A great resource and workflow when designing content for learners.

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