Rapid creativity

One of the challenges of working in a NSW Department of Education Environmental Education Centre (Field of Mars EEC) is the fact we see a new cohort of students each day for about four hours.

This essentially means anything we do with students that involves technology needs to achievable in a limited timeframe.

What we have found is with the right scaffolding, explicit teaching and realistic expectations you can achieve a lot in a day.

One of my favourited programs is called documentary in a day. Obviously this program focused on building a nature documentary in a day. This is often with students who may not have used an iPad or apps like iMovie before.

The day begins with students working in pairs creating an introduction sequence around our outdoor classroom. We write the first part of our script, teach a range of camera techniques that the students can use, use iMovie to edit the introduction sequence, add a title and narration.

Once this is done the students now have the skills to continue build their short nature documentary while we are out in the bush for the next two hours. We repeat this process for each scene until we return to the centre.

The final component is adding backing music etc.

This is a really great example of what you can achieve in a day with the right tools and explicit teaching.

I wonder if anyone else has some great ideas for creative technology projects that could be created outdoors in day?

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