FREE Keynote Discussion Card Template from #SDOLTECH

In the past few years, our technology team has been a part of our district's leadership academy in efforts to improve equity while also closing the achievement gap across our schools. At these sessions, a lot of ongoing discussions take place. We're often asked to use the prompt cards pictured below for a deeper level of discussion. During a discussion, you hold up the section of the card that explains how you feel — agree, disagree, more to add, or I have a question. 

On the back of the cards are prompts to further that discussion. I did not personally make the cards pictured below, but it sparked inspiration! 


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Posted on August 29, 2022

This is a great way to engage all of the learners in the room, not just the ones who raise their hands! The sentence stems are particularly helpful to guide conversation. I wonder if these could be used as virtual backgrounds to encourage discussion when meeting virtually.

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