Character Analysis - The Outsiders

Here is a Pages template that can be used for a novel study for The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. This character analysis was done as part of a novel study. Previously, we would keep a running document of character traits. We converted this to a digital tool to have students take a deeper dive into their character. The template includes thinking routines from Harvard’s Project Zero. Some instructional strategies based on the Visible Learning High Quality Instructional Strategies are effort (.77 effect size), concept mapping (.64), and questioning (.48) Students were able to engage in critical thinking which can be difficult so it required promoting and clarifying questions. #bridgeportbulldogs


Tagged in: English, Critical Thinking, Reading, Age: 11–13 years, Classroom

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Posted on October 05, 2022

Thanks for sharing! This is a great template that teachers can easily iterate as they adjust to other units of study.

Posted on October 06, 2022

Thanks for sharing this template! It provides some great opportunities for critical thinking and perspective-taking.

Posted on October 09, 2022

Would love to know more about Harvard’s Project Zero?

Posted on December 07, 2022

Thank you!

Posted on December 07, 2022

Thank you! My students really ran with this especially with drawing their characters. I had one student who researched what she thought the character would look like and picked an actor. She then cropped the photo and used his face in her design. It was awesome!

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