Keynote “App” For Visual Behavior Support

While working with a teacher in a Life Skills classroom, I was made aware of the need for a visual tool to reinforce positive behavior. To address this, I created a Keynote 'app' that utilizes links and placeholder images. Teachers can easily replace the placeholder with photos of their own students. When the presentation is in presentation mode, it will have the look and feel of a traditional app, allowing the teacher to press different behavior buttons to provide visual support for their students.

Additionally, the links on the first page are actually transparent shapes, which can be edited without compromising the functionality of the tool. To enhance its accessibility, I suggest setting up Keynote as a shortcut to open in presentation mode and have teachers add it to their home screen, resulting in a one-click access to the 'app'.


Tagged in: Special Education, Life Sciences, Early Learning, Accessibility, Equity and Access

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Posted on February 10, 2023

I love this tool! I’ve already started sharing it with my teachers and they utilize it instantly. Thanks for sharing!

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