Adding colour to design work using Keynote

The updates to Keynote over recent years has made this App far more than just a tool used for presentations. I started experimenting with the drawing and editing features of this App, and set myself the challenge of trying to reproduce tutorials which I’ve developed for more sophisticated drawing Apps. Very quickly I found I could create good quality artwork using the tools in Keynote so decided to produce a tutorial book for my students to follow.


Book cover
In this booklet, students are taught how to create an outline using the drawing tools found in Keynote, and add colour and texture to their design work. Students will follow the video tutorials, and add their creations into project file which can be downloaded from the dropbox link. The examples below have been taken from the book and have been created using Keynote.


Student work
Examples of student drawings created in Keynote
Download Book 2 in a series of books which we use to teach students how to add colour to design work in our school from Apple Books here:

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