Reforming Reform Lessons

Original Lesson: I originally had google slides and a note sheet for students to fill out. The topic was on the Second Great Awakening and the Reform movements of the late 1800s.

What I changed: I cut a lot of lecturing, notes, and information out and narrowed my focus to ask the question: How will this be interesting to the kids sitting in my class in 2022? How will they find this applicable to their own lives? I used an inquiry question to guide the discussion, and then had students put together campaign flyers in Pages. I used Apple Classroom to help manage the students and their questions. I provided a template that asked students to include a picture and a short paragraph about their topic. Their ultimate goal was to apply their work to their own lives. Then students did a gallery walk of all of their work and completed a "See, Think, Wonder," activity as an exit slip.

Impact: Students felt more connected to the material. I saw students engage with each other in ways I hadn't seen them do yet. They talked to each other, asked each other questions, asked ME questions, asked the other teachers in the room questions...lots and lots of questions. It was a lively and exciting environment that you could feel the energy in the room. #d214 #ushistory #politicalscience



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Posted on December 01, 2022

As a history teacher and historian, I love this approach! Thanks for the template and lesson plan.

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