Managing iPad breakages and tracking repairs


If you work in a large school or institution were you may end up with a considerable amount of iPad screen breakages, keeping track of them all can be a lot of work. We have over 2700 iPads in active use at The de Ferrers Academy, across 3 campuses, so for us it is a daily occurrence!

Here's a few easy ways in which we manage it: 

  • We produce a simple online 'claims form' for any student to fill in the details about when/how it happened and their own details
  • A QR code linking to the claims form is displayed in all tutor rooms, so students can easily scan it and open the form to fill in straight away
  • We use Google forms/Numbers, so it automatically generates a spreadsheet of all the data. We can then filter/sort the spreadsheet to track particular users or year groups
  • ICT Technicians and Finance teams can access it to chase up students and track costs
  • There are a series of standard letters and a flowchart of which ones go out to escalate issues/repair costs
  • We can copy the form and then use it with other schools in our Trust in just a few seconds, so it is an easy, scaleable solution

Posted on October 22, 2022 in response to deepexperience1

Great tips, thanks for sharing!

Question: Managing iPad breakages and tracking repairs

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