Tracking Special Education Data using forms in Numbers on iPad

I recently learned about the forms function of Numbers on iPad. After spending some time with this, I thought it may be an efficient way to collect student data that can be shared for collaboration with colleges and easily presented in parent/guardian meetings. I created an example data collection log to demonstrate just a few of the possible ways to implement this tool in the special education setting. This data and these goals do not reflect an actual student and are for demonstration purposes.

In my example, I started by listing dates on the first column of the Numbers document and writing out hypothetical goals in the first row. These can be adapted to fit a variety of students.



Highlighting a column and selecting the Paintbrush button allows you to format how each piece of data may be collected. For example, some goals are just check marks. Other goals may require specific information to be input or selected. When the sheet is finished, select the plus sign at the top left and create a form. The form provides a simple way to log data for that day. As you input information in the form, it will be inserted into the original Numbers sheet. You can toggle between the worksheet and the form at the top. Here is an example of what the form for this document looks like:


There are multiple ways in which you can collect the data. The Stepper function (+ and - buttons) can be useful for small incremental changes. The Sliders function may be more useful for a larger range of numbers. The Checkbox is excellent as a yes/no button. The Break/Reward box is a Pop-up Menu with a few different options that can be tailored to that specific student.

The Numbers documents can also be password protected to better secure a student's information.

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January 13, 2023

Thank you! I have not explored forms in Numbers and this helps clarify for me ways that it might be applied.

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