Egg Drop Project in Freeform and Numbers

  The Egg Drop Project is a classic. Students build a contraption from limited materials--in this case, 40 drinking straws and a meter of tape--that keeps an egg intact during a significant fall, usually from the second story or roof to the ground.

Inspired by Brisa Cabe’s Managing Workflow with Freeform, our Integrated Physics and Chemistry team wanted to integrate the iPads more organically into the lab project. Freeform and Numbers offered the combination of clearly displaying expectations for student progression through the work and the destination for recording and processing that thinking.

The Freeform itself begins with the background information, resource documents, preparatory classroom notes, and formula charts. [Note: In the linked Freeform workflow, our team's resources are not live links and are depicted by screenshots so as not to violate copyright protections. You will need to replace these with your own local resources.]


From there, students are prompted to begin brainstorming design requirements and implementation. The Numbers response file allows for both collaboration and independent work. Assign the Numbers file to small groups in Classroom/Schoolwork or allow each student their own copy, allowing space for both collaborative and singular response.


After design, students dropped their invented contraptions, recording experiment data in the traditional spreadsheet form.

Once data is recorded and calculations are complete, students begin the discussion and reflection prompts. Each student contributes an independent analysis before comparing answers and thinking collectively.



Finally, students can find extra credit and extension activities. Student response can be submitted through the LMS, Schoolwork, or Classroom for instructor feedback and scoring.

The visual workflow that Freeform provides helps to engage the visual memory, supports teacher clarity, and allows for student independence and self-reliance. By giving students a roadmap--rather than an assignment checklist--the number of necessary procedural classroom questions reduces, giving the instructor more time to actually instruct.

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2 replies

February 27, 2024

This looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing.

February 27, 2024

Nice addition to the classic Egg Drop! Super to integrate Numbers and Freeform into the project and I’m sure it made it more fun and easier for students.

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