Transformative Leadership: The Creative Educator


Hello, all!

My name is Liv, and I design patient education at a pediatric children’s hospital. I provide learning experiences through educational products like instructional brochures, handouts, patient care applications, and videos. I hope to enhance my work by learning together with everyone.

I attended the Apple Learning Academy training today. The first day at the Academy was an exciting opportunity to meet and share ideas with other education specialists. Together, we defined the meaning and importance of culture, relationships, and creativity in regards to education. Creativity in particular stood out to me.

My questions for everyone are:

  1. What does creativity mean to you in the context of education?
  2. How do you encourage creativity and innovation from educators that may be married to the way they have always done things?
  3. How do you provide choice to educators and learners?
  4. How you make teaching a more personal and meaningful experience to both the educator and learner?
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Posted on January 24, 2023 in response to EL-LEARN

Great questions. Thinking out loud...Creativity in Education - combining critical and creative thinking (divergent and convergent) followed by constructive thinking from all that thinking/learning. I often think of it like head, heart, hands. And with choice - even limited, providing choice in both process and product cultivates autonomy.

Question: Transformative Leadership: The Creative Educator

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