Coaching Teachers While Also Being a Teacher


I am a classroom teacher and I have a supplemental position for tech coaching. What successful models of coaching have people done who are in a similar position to me? How did you bring people on board to be coached? How did you set up a “vanguard team” to support your staff and tech integration growth?

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Posted on February 18, 2023 in response to Katie110

I have been a digital learning coaching for about 6 years. ( I am in Western Australia)

1.I have a discussion with each year level to work out which terms will suit them ( taking into account camps, age level etc).

In consultation with the assistant principal we work out an overview of the year levels to be coached

I plan with a year level at the start to get an overview and then each week I meet with them to plan and go through some of the skills they will be learning. I then go in and teach the concept. The key is that the Teacher has to be engaged in the lesson and cannot be off doing other things. I never deliver a coaching session if the teacher is sick and a relief teacher is there instead.

At the end of the term or start of the following term we run a workshop where the teachers have 20 minutes to present to their colleagues something they learned. Teachers rotate around the three or four workshops to get a taster. This has been very effective. Sometimes we have had students assist with these workshops as “ teachers”.

I hope this helps.

Posted on March 05, 2023 in response to Katie110

Hi Katie!

Rose has given you some great tips here! Here are a few other posts from the Coaching section of the Forum that I think address parts of your discussion question if you read through the comments on these threads. A few of these posts also share templates to support coaching cycles. Hope this is helpful!

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Question: Coaching Teachers While Also Being a Teacher

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