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Hello everyone,

I recently was hired to be my district's Technology Integration Specialist.  I won't be starting the posting until next school year.  However, this school year I was given the task of leading the district Technology Committee.  At my first meeting, I established the committee's purpose as steering the district's use of technology to increase efficiency and effectiveness of learning for all students.  The committee is responsible for:

  • Developing goals for the district that align with district needs and meet state standards.
  • Monitoring their plan and assessing the needs of staff and students to meet the goals.
  • Adjusting the plan as needed.

We brainstormed topics for goals and at the next meeting we will consolidate and select one to two goals to focus on next school year.  I'm wondering if anyone in this forum has protocols and/or templates that are helpful in establishing quality goals and building action plans to meet those goals?  If so, or if you have any incite on steering a district committee, I would much appreciate your thoughts.  Thank you!

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Question: Goals for Technology Committee

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