Leaving the Community

Cancelling Membership

To cancel your membership, tap the Cancel Membership link in Membership Settings of your profile’s Learning Center Preferences.

Canceling your membership will disassociate any Learning Center badges and progress from your account. Any content you’ve created in the Forum will remain in the system, but will be anonymized with a generic user name.

If you re-register (with the same Apple ID), Forum content will be reassociated with your user name, but Learning Center progress won’t be recovered.

Deleting Your Account

To request deletion of your account, submit a request to dpo@apple.com. Upon deletion of your account, all Learning Center badges and progress and Forum content associated with the account will be deleted from the Community. This is a permanent action that can’t be undone, and restricts the Apple ID associated with the deleted account from re-registering in the Community.

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