Why Use Technology?

Whenever we launch a new project, app or curriculum focus we always ask our staff to consider the 'why' as a stage of implementation.

Why do you want to do this?

Why will it make a difference to our learners?

Why is it better than what we already do?

In the early days of iPad rollout we followed up 'why' sessions with drop-in slots for all members of staff to come and learn about a new app, a way of using iPad or just to ask questions and explore possibilities.

A poster showing 10 ways to use QR codes
10 ways to use QR codes

During those sessions we'd try to come up with the reasons why this piece of technology would make a difference to our teaching and student learning. I would then prepare a simple handout that staff could take away to remember what we had discussed.

As you can see with the QR code example, it had our top ten ideas, links to content by other educators and a few images to get the mind racing about the possibilities.

It became clear that these resources were making a difference to our staff and so I set out to try and replicate the format for educators around the world.

The 'Why Use' series was born.

The series of books available on Apple Books covers a range of the core 'out of the box' features including Camera, Siri and Maps. There are also guides containing ten top reasons why we can use Keynote, Numbers, Pages and GarageBand in the classroom. Individual features such as Magic Move and Animated GIFs are also included.

To date the books have been downloaded over one million times worldwide and this means the coaching of our teachers is now impacting on classrooms around the globe.

There are thousands of educators around the world making an impact on colleagues in their classrooms. There are some truly inspirational things happening with the development of iPad. You may be one of them. If you are doing something that is making a difference in your setting, share it. While you may currently be having an impact and supporting 20 or 30 educators, your ideas could spark a revolution in the teaching of hundreds, thousands or even millions of learners.

It's a brave step to put yourself out there and share your ideas, but consider this. If your idea makes one educator question why they do something, and then make a positive change, you immediately impact on a minimum of 30 learners, every day. And every year that number doubles. If that teacher shares your idea with a colleague, the growth continues exponentially.

So, look at why you use technology and find a way to share what works.

3 replies

August 27, 2022

I love the focus on the “why”. That’s one thing I always try to bring to the teachers I service; why use technology here? How are you enhancing learning? If it isn’t enhancing learning, what changes can we make so we are truly impacting our students?

I’ll be sure to check out your series! (And honestly, I think I already have a few in my Apple Books library!)

August 28, 2022

Such great work, Simon! 🤩

’Why?’ truly is the most important question to start with, and continually return to!

August 29, 2022

Such a great resource for not only new teachers with Apple technology but also experienced users. Full of great ideas.

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