ARt - Using AR in ART with iPad in Early Years

Integrating learning new technology skills within the Arts curriculum with Early Years learners (5-7-year-olds) has never been easier with iPad, EyeJack and Tayasui Sketches apps.

Here is an overview of a unit of work that incorporated learning about a contemporary local artist and their techniques in contrast to a famous artist from the last century that incorporated time for learners to investigate how to use two new apps that they can now add to their repertoire of apps to choose from when demonstrating their learning and understanding.

Australian Curriculum Links

Learning Area: Arts - Visual Arts

Year Levels: Foundation - Year 2 (5-7 Year olds)

Content Descriptions:

  • Use and experiment with different materials techniques, technologies and processes to make artworks (ACAVAM107)
  • Respond to visual artworks and consider where and why people make visual artworks, starting with visual artworks from Australia, including visual artworks of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (ACAVAR109)

Background Information

There was a state competition to design an artwork for the Archbishop's Christmas Card. We chose to link our Visual Arts learning experiences to this opportunity. This provided design and time constraints as well as real-world purpose and audience for our artwork. This unit can be taught without the additional competition elements or maybe you can create a school art show.


Tiff Manuelle Artist Website

Henri Matisse Information Fact Sheet

Tayasui Sketches App

Seesaw App

Eye Jack AR Makr App

Eye Jack Creator (Mac app)

YouTube Clip - Matisse Digital Art Project Made in Tayasui Sketches by Make Film Play


Apple Pencils (optional)

How to use Makr App - for teachers

How to use Eye Jack - Paul Hamilton (ADE) video for teachers

Slide Deck (optional - unable to upload here) Dropbox - Matisse Manuelle .pdf 

Design Constraints

  • Create a piece of art in the style of Matisse and Manuelle.
  • You will have one investigation session and one design session (90 mins total)
  • You can use paper and pencils to sketch or plan your artwork or you can create straight on Tayasui app
  • This is an individual task, but you can get feedback and iterate your work as many times as you like
  • The intended audience/client is a Christmas card designer

Lesson Progression

1. Tuning in Comparing / Contrasting 2 Artists

  • Show art work by two artists side by side on slide deck with no explanation or additional information.
  • Discuss the similarities and differences between the two artist styles.
  • Share information about the two artists - One artist is from France and lived in the early 1900's and the other is a living artist today from Adelaide.

2. Introduce and explore Tayasui Sketches app

  • Introduce the Tayasui app
  • Share the You Tube link
  • Investigate the app for 5 mins then share what you've noticed with at least 2 other people in the room
  • Explore the app for 15 more minutes with no constraints with opportunities to share and work with others

3. Design Constraints & Creation of artwork

  • Explain the Christmas Card competition constraints specifically client (Archbishop) and time frame
  • Discuss symbols and colours of Christmas
  • Make sure everyone knows how to save their work to Seesaw
  • At the completion of the design session iPads were left on desk and we participate in a virtual art gallery

5. Take it further AR Gallery (optional)

  • Experimenting with AR - Using Eye Jack Creator for Mac app
  • Print artwork on A4 or A3 paper, we also got cheap frames from IKEA.
  • Using Eye Jack Creator we used our school photos or any photo of the student they were happy with, and recorded audio so that when iPad using Eye Jack app QR code camera viewed our printed artwork it would show a photo of the artist (student) an text or audio description was written by the child would also appear describing the artwork elements and style choices an also wish the person a happy Christmas message.
  • Not everyone got to this stage - and that's okay
  • Alternative - create something out of laminating your artwork inspired by Tiff Manuelle's handbags and purses

Evidence of Learning (photos of work samples)



EyeJack QR Code to launch AR Artwork by Renu
EyeJack QR Code to launch AR Artwork by Renu

lime green background with orange and green splotches in various sizes, shapes and directions.
art by Renu


photo taken over a child's shoulder showing child working don't their art piece using their finger to draw on iPad

Note: We did reach out to local artist Tiff Manuelle via social media to let her know about our impressive artwork inspired by her and Henri Matisse, however so far she has not responded.

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