History Timeline (UK) on Keynote

After an Ofsted inspection at our school, I was tasked with creating a visual of a history timeline which could be printed for our classrooms and on Keynote for students to populate as the learn. It initially sounded like a straightforward task, the normal type of thing that gets thrown my way as an ADE, but as I started, I realised it was a mammoth task. I understood the task and the reason why; namely so pupils could visualise where what they were learning fitted into the grand scheme of things. Everything past yesterday is history, but how do children comprehend the difference between a year ago and 300 years ago? However, trying to fit literally everything, ever, onto one page was a bit of a nightmare. After many designs and lots of editing, I eventually settled on my final creation. It's locally personalised to our school in some respects and perhaps more relevant to English schools, but everything about the design can be easily edited and personalised to suit you. So if you ever need a history timeline template in the future, please feel free to use my attached design if you so wish. It should save you several hours in the design stage and won't take too long to personalise. I also modified one additional page as a LINK with RETURN TO HOME icon as an example, as your students or fellow teaching colleagues might want to flexibility to click anywhere on the timeline to open up a further page of information or student's work, with an easy 'one click' access back to home page. Hope it helps. GS


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August 30, 2022

Love the resource! I'm wondering how you are sharing the skills within your school? I noticed your comment about being an ADE and how these projects come your way! I'm wondering what strategies you have to bring people along with you?

August 30, 2022

Great scaffold, I really like the use of the central figures to connect events and time periods. Thanks for sharing.

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