Green Screen Fun in History

Television and movies are one of the largest forms of communication in the world today. We live in a media-rich world, so why not bring that into the classroom?

With technology at our fingertips, we can create stunning videos that utilize the special effect known as “Green Screen” and place students in a historical world. With just a few simple commands, students can give a tour of historical places they may never be able to visit. This virtual tour will give students insights into places that they would never get from a textbook. 

Green Screen technology gives students the power to be anywhere, anytime in the world. Historical tours offer the students the need to research the who, what, when, where, and why of specific historical places. The technology gives the students the opportunity they may not get outside the classroom.

Here is a brief tutorial on how to use Green Screen on the iPad.

I use Green Screen with my students so that they can create historical tours, and also in other subject areas. 

Students will instantly fall in love with this tool on the iPad.

Extension/Additional Activities

Below are some activities that I use with my students using GATE strategies with my whole class. The strategies that I use are called the Depth and Complexity Icons developed by Dr. Sandra Kaplan.

Relate Over Time:  Describe the impact of the Nile River on farming in ancient Egypt.

Big Idea:  How do the mountains in Greece impact farming?

Rules:  Describe the process that Catholics use to elect a new Pope within the Sistine Chapel.

Past/Present/Future:  Describe the life of Buddha and the impact he had on the world.

Multiple Perspectives:  Give students the ability to participate in democratic debates in ancient Greece.

Ethics:  Students can become crew members in the boat with General George Washington as he is crossing Delaware, describing the conditions and the plan of attack.

Details:  Transport students to Mesopotamia to describe the daily life of the people.

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Posted on September 03, 2022

Such a fun green screen video - burr you actually look cold 🥶 - and helpful tutorial!

Love this virtual tour idea for students! Thanks also for the tips on how you wrap this with learning content.

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