Show Me the Data!

Educators use data, combined with their creativity as a professional, to create the best learning experiences for their learners. Learning how to increase efficiency in data collection is important. Collecting data with highly effective methods and tools can be the catalyst for connection to learning! If teachers AND learners can use multimedia to document learning and growth, there can be increased ownership and accountability for everyone involved. Tracking fluency? Let’s hear the progress with an audio file! Curating learning portfolios? Take pictures and videos of the high quality work that demonstrates the learning targets! Documenting learner behavior? Use one tool to track and visual the data in many different ways!


Show Me the Data book cover
Show Me the Data is a collection of iWork templates that support highly efficient data collection while incorporating multimedia tools to bring the data to life. Each template is linked in this book for you to create your own copy. 


Show Me the Data page, IEP Portfolios

Use these templates as they are, or “yes, and” to make them work better for you and your learners! Do you see any of these templates helping you become more efficient in data collection? Will any of these provide your learners with an opportunity to document their learning in a different way? 

Laura Morris and Melissa Piette, Wausau School District

3 replies

November 14, 2022

Laura and Melissa - Thank you for this reminder on how important it is for learners to collect data about their learning and to be able to document. The tools and templates you share make it easy!

November 16, 2022

Such a great idea and resource, Laura and Melissa!

This would really encourage students to take ownership of their learning and progress.

Thanks for sharing it!

November 18, 2022

Thanks for creating and sharing this resource, Laura and Melissa! I particularly love the social-emotional check-in and the reflect, recharge, and reset journal templates. I could use the SEL check-in with students of any age, even the adult learners that I work with in our college of education. The reflection journal template is a great tool for supporting professional reflection and growth. I am not a very consistent journal-keeper, but I find that having a template gives me the structure I need to be more successful.

I'm excited to share this book with others!

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