Updates to Keynote in iOS 16

As often happens, the update to Keynote in iOS16 brought some great new features, but also changed the placement of some menu items. Over the summer, I had created an online video class for kids on how to animate using Keynote. With this Keynote update, all my video tutorials are not accurate for several MENU items, including adding shapes, media, play, and export. It would be VERY time consuming to redo all the hours of video, but I am wondering if using either a side by side video or pdf showing the differences for the features that we use in this class would be enough for students working remotely. (I've not covered every new Keynote feature, only the ones that we use in our animation class.)

I'm attaching my samples of both. Do you think either one would be clear enough for students are 8 - 14? Let me know what you think.

(Maybe these assets might be helpful for you as you transition into iOS16 with your students. Feel free to use if they are!)


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November 19, 2022

Thanks Karen - it has been a bit of an adjustment finding some of the new menu items in Keynote. And a bit of a scramble to decide which tutorials that I’ve made need to be redone. 😀.

Thanks for the explanation and I think this will work well for your students.

November 20, 2022

Thanks for sharing these resources, Karen! I was just thinking about how I'll need to redo a few tutorial videos for the spring semester to reflect these changes in Keynote. I think both the video and the pdf provide clear information for your students about the changes. I thought the video overview was particularly helpful!

November 21, 2022

Thanks, Cheryl and Jessica, for your feedback! Appreciated!

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