Innovation Series

Built-in apps on iPad and Mac provide powerful tools with advanced features to create innovative, engaging, and immersive learning resources for students. 

In the Forum posts linked below, Apple Professional Learning Specialists from across Australia and New Zealand share a range of innovative ideas to go further with Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Swift Playgrounds, and Reality Composer.

Creating Workbook Templates in Pages to Support Digital Fluency Growth in Your Students

Julia Parker from Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland, New Zealand, demonstrates how to create an interactive workbook for students in Pages using features including locking, grouping, layering and image placeholders.

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Developing Financial Literacy with Numbers and Keynote

Adrian Francis from Adelaide, South Australia shows how to create a Numbers workbook that incorporates tables, videos, and animations for students to access content and also demonstrate their understanding of financial literacy.

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Animation for Immersive Learning: From Keynote to Reality Composer

Michelle Forrest from Perth, Western Australia, takes us on a journey as she manipulates shapes, uses advanced builds, and adds her own sound effects to deepen student understanding through animation in Keynote. Going further, Michelle shows how you can create an immersive augmented reality learning experience using Reality Composer on iPad.

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Developing Systems Thinking through App Prototyping in Keynote

Coby Reynolds from Torquay, Victoria shows how students can take a systems thinking approach to planning and creating their own functional app prototype in Keynote.  

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App Development in Swift Playgrounds for iPad

Matt Richards from Adelaide, South Australia, provides a step-by-step guide for using Swift Playgrounds on iPad to begin developing your first ‘About Me’ and ‘Choose Your Own Story’ apps. 

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We hope you enjoy watching these video tutorials and exploring these resources as inspiration for unlocking innovative features and apps on your iPad or Mac.

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