Creating a personal learning journal using Pages

Pages is a fantastic tool for creating digital learning journals/scaffolds that can be easily shared with students.

A digital learning journal can not only provide a great scaffold for learning, it can also give our students the opportunity to receive information and express themselves in different ways - using text, audio, drawing, photo and video. 

As a part of the Back to School 2023 series, we demonstrated how you can easily create your own learning journals for students using Pages on both iPad or MacOS. This content will be available to view until March 31 on the Back to School Series 2023 site, accessible at:


Photo of journal cover page

The example I used in the demonstration was a personal learning journal that invites students to reflect on their learning and wellbeing. It shows examples of how students might interact with a digital journal and can very easily be modified and personalised, depending on the students you are working with.

This journal was inspired by many great examples that have been posted to our Education Community forum. I have put together a Padlet to share with you links to resources that I found very useful in this process:

You can download a copy of the template below. 😃

In addition - as a part of the Back to School 2023 workshops we looked at Apple products and resources designed to make learning personal, creative and inspiring. We learned how to:

- Give voice to ideas with Voice Memos

- Get to know our students with Clips

- Reach all learners with powerful accessibility features built into iPad and Mac

Wondering: 🤔 How can we combine these features in the process of creating personal learning journals? What are the opportunities?


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January 11, 2023

This is such a fabulous resource Mandy. Thanks for sharing.

January 15, 2023

Thanks Sandy! 😊

January 15, 2023

Mandy! Your first presentation this morning was amazing - can't wait for this afternoon.

January 15, 2023

Thanks Rachel - looking forward to your sessions tomorrow!! 😃

January 15, 2023

Brilliant resource!

January 15, 2023

Kia ora! Thanks so much to those who joined today's first Back to School 2023 session. Looking forward to delving into Personal Learning Journals later today. During the first session we looked at students using Clips to share their Pepeha. For those who are interested, here is a pdf step by step guide to this process - that we shared during the NZ Digital Series last year.


January 15, 2023

Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful resources Mandy, so helpful! 💜

January 15, 2023

WOW!! This has been amazing. Such great ideas and you make it all seem so simple!! I am excited to embed iPad technology into the culture of our classroom.

January 15, 2023

@shelly78 - that's great to hear!! 😃 I'm loving this Education Forum... so much inspiration!!💚

January 15, 2023

Hi, loved the sessions - sent my mind into overdrive. Are we able to view these sessions again so we can slow down and work at our own pace?

January 15, 2023

@christine273. Yes - absolutely! They are available on-demand straight away. You can access them via the series website. You will see an 'on-demand' button along the top menu. Just tap to access. They are available until March.

The series website link can be found in your emails 😊

For anyone who is interested in attending the Back to School 2023 series, and has not yet registered, it is not too late! There are sessions for the next four days with some awesome facilitators!! Here is the link

January 16, 2023

Thanks so much Mandy for all your hard work! I really enjoyed both sessions today! Way to represent New Zealand on the first day of the Back to School Series!

January 17, 2023

Thanks so much Mandy. Love this and appreciate all you sharing of links to scaffolds too. Screenshot copy is a game changer too 🤩

I’m wondering if you may have an answer to this question, any thoughts on why one would choose Pages over Keynote to create journals like this? I’m seeing that you would basically achieve the same thing in either? But assuming there’s actually some difference and a reason why one would choose one over the other depending on the task, as people seem to create in both. I’ve created all of my similar workbook style tasks in Keynote so far but wondering if I’m missing out on some feature and should make the switch for certain tasks.

January 18, 2023

Kia ora Siminette! 😄 I agree that you can achieve basically the same in Keynote. I often choose Pages when I want the final product to be exported as an ePub - and be sent to the Books app. I love how the students can create libraries within Books, to organize their publications. 😊

Lately I have also been using Numbers for my scaffolds too. The beauty of Numbers is the use of tabs and I also love how you have more flexibility with the amount of page space you have (you are not limited to a slide or set page).

So many possibilities! 😃

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