FINAL DAYS TO WATCH ON DEMAND - Apple Australia Back to School Series Recap


Now that all our amazing Aussie Educators are Back in the classroom for 2023 - I wanted to remind you all that there is still time to explore the amazing Back To School series that ran earlier in Jan. I'd also love to know if you have had the chance to take any of these ideas into your classroom yet?

As a little recap:

Mandy Dempsey shared how to:

  • Give voice to ideas with Voice Memos
  • Get to know your students with Clips
  • Reach all learners with powerful accessibility features built into iPad and Mac

Mandy also shared a wonderful workshop on building an incredible learning journal using a Pages scaffold. You can check out the forum post that Mandy created sharing resources from her workshop by clicking this link.

Chantelle Sansness explored how to:

  • Help students manage their time and focus 
  • Create mindful minutes
  • Get students active in and out of the classroom

Chatelle then took us through a new Learning Challenge Series called: Help Shape a Healthier Society and shared with us the discussion guide and accompanying resources of this amazing project so you can implement it with your students. Chantelle has created a forum post with all you need to know about this project which you can access by clicking here.

Eric Luna guided us through how to:

  • Enrich early years literacy with Augmented Reality
  • Engage high-school learners with Reality Composer
  • Get started with coding and Swift Playgrounds

Eric also led a workshop on building apps with Swift Playgrounds 4, exploring the coding programs in the Everyone Can Code Curriculum and much more. Eric has also written a super comprehensive forum post as a follow-up, which you can access here.

Finally, I was super excited to share some of my favourite apps as we:

  • Created a comic strip with Clips on iPad
  • Personalised a portrait with Apple Pencil
  • Recorded a news interview with GarageBand

I also shared how you can use the amazing shapes library in Keynote along with some cool animations to bring students learning and understanding to life. My forum post for the Back To School series can be found here.

To access the on-demand videos - for those who are registered, click the link in any of the emails you received from Apple. Don't worry - even if you didn't register earlier - you can still register here for access: 🙌🏻


I would love to know if you have used any of these tips or ideas in your classroom so far this year?

4 replies

February 05, 2023

So many useful resources contained within these posts! Thanks everyone.

February 05, 2023

Thanks Chantelle 🫶🏻

February 08, 2023

Thanks so much Rachel for collating for us! I’m about to watch a live replay - so many useful tips, tricks and inspiration 🤩

March 28, 2023

2 days left to watch these great workshops.

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