Music Orchestration Scavenger Hunt

As an introductory project in my college (music) orchestration course, I created and assigned an orchestration scavenger hunt with Keynote. I shared the template file on our Moodle LMS for the students to download. Students had one week to seek examples of each item and capture an image of each. Photos and screenshots were easily added by replacing the placeholder image on each slide.

Students returned to class the next week with excited to share their portfolio of images that we could all view as a class screen mirrored on the AppleTV and discuss music notation, terms, orchestration ideas, and do a show and tell of their favorite slides. (This was so much fun!) We also have a resource that will be convenient to reflect upon as we navigate the sections of the orchestra and music written for each as we move through the semester's work.

This activity could be adapted for any subject or topic. It's not completely original, but it's so useful! (And did I mention fun?)


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February 06, 2023

Super cool! I love the Keynote. It provides so much guided discovery for students to learn while being adventurous. Yeah!

February 06, 2023

Awesome! So glad your students got to experience this…keep up the great work! The Keynote works so well for this….it is a great reference for them to use when reviewing material also!

February 07, 2023

I think this will be super fun!

I could see using this idea for many different disciplines. For example in math, I could see having students search out problems in their textbook/worksheet that require using certain techniques. Calculus Example: “Find a limit problem that requires you to factor to solve it.”

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