Conducting Repertoire Compendium - Ideas for Transfer?

Students in my Advanced Wind Conducting course are tasked to compile a compendium of wind ensemble literature reviews throughout the semester, analyzing and adding at least three selections each week. This task, somewhat time intensive, exposes the student to a wide variety of music literature for wind ensemble and results in a valuable resource useful when the student finds themself in the role of an ensemble conductor.

Prior to our 1-to-1 iPad initiative, the compendium took the form of a three-ring binder filled with tattered, sometimes coffee-stained entries. Students are now able to collect this information using their iPad, the Numbers app, and my attached template. Students can add their own photo(s) to and customize the cover page (sheet #1), read the instructions (sheet #2), review the sample entry (sheet #3), and duplicate the template (sheet #4)for use throughout the semester. Each student collaborates with me so that I can see their progress and offer suggestions for improvement along the way.

By the conclusion of the semester, each student has created a valuable resource of nearly 50 music reviews. Taking it one step further, students are tasked to combine their entries into one master compendium that easy includes 200+ entries, preparing them well to select quality literature with ease once in the role of an ensemble director. We seek a student volunteer who is willing to take on the process of combining the compendia. Sometimes it takes an extra credit offer to find a volunteer at the end of the semester when all work is due and exams are taking place. 😁

I realize this is a music-specific use, but transfers and adaptations can be made to meet the needs of teachers in other areas. I often find that, with an open mindset, many of the resources/activities shared on this forum outside of the world of music can be transformed into a resource/activity that would work well in my classes.

Might this resource work with lesson plan development? Students creating quizzes based on material studied in class? Daily warm-up writing assignments? What other ideas for application of this idea might you come up with? I would love to see your ideas and to be able to share them with those pre-service educators I work with in my classes.


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March 30, 2023

This is a super example of the use of Numbers that can transfer to practically all curricular areas. Instead of having learners use a” binder of work,” organizing what they create, practice or work on in Numbers provides so many more options for reflection and sharing.

Your example is very helpful!

March 31, 2023

Thanks, Cheryl! 😁

Another element I really enjoy that doesn't come into play with this resource but will with the next one I share is the ability to produce a recap sheet at the end that includes tables that reference numerical scores used throughout the document. This allows for easy calculations for grades at the end along with graphs, providing visual examples of (hopefully) growth throughout the semester. I'm excited to share that resource soon.

March 30, 2023

Hey Donald, thanks so much for sharing that! I do a critical listening exercise in my audio production course that has a log file that helps the students reverse engineer what they are hearing. They do several of them throughout the year. The idea of combining all of them together is fantastic, definitely going to modify this and use it next year! Thanks again 👊🏼

April 03, 2023

Hello Dave -

I am so glad that you were able to find a transfer from this activity/resource to fit your needs. Although we don't have a full music production program, I would be really interested to learn more about your activity and if you have any specific templates you use for their reverse engineering. It sound like a great activity to implement in my Everyone Can Create Music with iPad course, helping students to develop an idea of what they are hearing and learning how they might create a similar sound.

My best to you and your students!👍🏻

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