Feedback Activities - "Speed Dating" & Gallery Walk

Speed Dating: The initial homework assignment was to create an asset for a 2-minute pitch. During class, chairs were organized in pairs. One of the chairs were marked with a sticky note. The person siting in a chair marked with a sticky note stayed, while the other person rotated. The leader put a 2-minute time on the screen, and one person shared. Next, the clock was reset for another 2-minutes, and the other person shared. The leader set one more 2-minute timer for reflection and feedback. At the end, the leader locked our iPads (using Classroom), had us point to where we were rotating, and repeated the timers. This activity allowed participants to find-tune their pitch, while also receiving feedback on their product. We spend about 30-minutes engaged in the activity for a total of 6 rounds. To concluded, we debrief as a group to reflect and provide feedback on the experience. While we didn't get a chance to see/hear from everyone, the activity 1. provided us an opportunity to move around, 2. focus on our own pitch, and 3. learn from 6 different peers. A peer described it perfectly by saying , "every round, when the time started, you could feeling the passion and energy rise". This activity could be expanded on multiple class periods to give everyone the chance to share. It can also help to boost morale

Gallery Walk: For this activity, everyone either revised the asset used for their pitch activity or developed an asset that could be used for an action step. Everyone displayed their asset at their table. Everyone was given a stack of Post-It notes and a pen. The task was to jot down a glow and a grow after reviewing someone's asset. The timer was set to 20 minutes. Students walk away with lots of feedback to improve their asset. This activity is a great way to provide students with a voice and an opportunity to move. It could be used after having an initial draft due OR project proposal. I recommend displaying examples (or sentence starters) for constructive, helpful feedback to avoid general feedback (i.e., love it, great, good job).

I've included a screenshot that illustrates the process for me. Wednesday, I jotted down feedback from our pitch activity. Thursday, I displayed the sticky notes that I received.


Screenshots from my speed-dating feedback and sticky notes from my feedback during the gallery walk activity.

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Posted on February 12, 2023

Love both of these strategies for getting multiple rounds of feedback to refine a project! Thanks for sharing!

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