Create a Super Bowl Meme in Keynote

 Better late than never! :)

I used Keynote with my ESL adult learners to make Super Bowl memes. I really enjoyed the variety in finished products!

Here's a run-down of the directions:

Teacher Preparation: Have students save a picture to Photos from a free site, such as, or save time by airdropping a picture to students so they can save it to their Photos.

Directions for Students:

  1. Open a new "Blank White" presentation in Keynote.
  2. Select all of the text and delete it so there is a blank white screen.
  3. Resize the slide to a square: In the upper right, "Select Document" and then under "Slide Size" edit to 1000x1000
  4. Select "Media" at the top and insert a previously saved image from Photos
  5. Resize the image to cover the document canvas
  6. Select "Text" from the top toolbar and edit
  7. Select all the text and click the paintbrush to "Format" the text.  Here you can change the text size, font, and color. Feel free to add and adjust shadowing.
  8. Drag text to the preferred location and modify as needed.
  9. Save the file as an image: Click "File" in the upper left and go down to "Export to..." Next, select "Image" and on the next screen ensure the selection shows "Slide: All" and "Format: JPEG".  Click the blue "Next" button. Rename the document, if you wish and under "Where" select "Desktop". Export.
  10. Once the file appears on your desktop, open the file and image and "Send" it to Photos.
  11. Now you have finished your meme! Email it, text it, or post it to social media to share with your friends!

(PS. There may be an easier way to save a Keynote presentation to photos, and if so, let me know in the comments below...this is just what we did!)

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February 12, 2023

Nice! And just in time! Thanks for the directions.

On iPad I’m able to save a Keynote slide directly to Photos as an image.

Maximum file size: 400MB

Insert a video

Insert an image

Insert an image

125: 125
220: 220

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