Weather Forecast

My Weather Forecast: Students created their weather forecast based on different data they received from the teacher about Air Temperature, Sunlight to Surface, Surface Water, and Air Parcel Temperature. They analyzed the data to then make their predictions of the upcoming weather forecast. 

Included Resources: Directions in Keynote of how students can create their Weather Forecast & adding in different layers. Also, including the Data Analysis Template. Teachers in my district used cards from Amplify that aligned with the standards.

Success Criteria: 

  • Recognize differences between high/low pressure and cold/warm fronts.
  • Define how high/low pressure and cold/warm fronts create different kinds of weather.
  • Interpret data to predict future weather events.


  • ES2-5 - Describes how interactions of air masses result in changes in weather
  • ES3-2 - Interprets data on natural hazards to forecast future events



Data Analysis Image Example



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