Let's Explore Some Different Cultures

Students will explore different cultures and examples of what makes up a culture. Using the Keynote Template, they will give background information to the country they are researching and then different cultural beliefs and practices in the country.

Lastly, students will expand on their own thoughts about what they learned. They will share one of their favorite things they learned about and reflect on one question or wonder they still have.

Compelling Question: How do our values, beliefs, and experiences shape who we are as individuals and influence our behavior?

SS.6.13: Identify what makes up culture and examine how people acquire their cultural beliefs and value systems.

Success Criteria:

  • My project is organized and easy to understand (storyboard was followed)
  • My images relate to my topic
  • My information is important and relates to my topic
  • I have explained each holiday, tradition, activity, food, etc. 

Example:  Nicaragua Culture Example Video


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