School Counseling: Resources for self-care

Hello community!

I used to think, how on earth can I possibly have students walk away and revisit those strategies we worked on together in my office? Developing and employing coping skills are at the crux student wellness. I lost faith that creating a user-friendly mini-resource guide for students was still in the cards, upon leaving my office. I was not short on ideas, but like every other educator, finding the time and guidance to harness intentionality was just not coming together.

Now, I think that I am on the brink of a breakthrough, having FINALLY created a user-friendly mini-resource for students. A student can revisit a resource and experience provided in my office, focusing on self-care, in various forms. Folks, let me be clear. This product is still in its beta phase! And, through direct support with this project, and purposefully dedicating time in my calendar to this, a beta product is slowly moving toward completion. And, I am excited that this has sparked the idea for another resource, a student guidebook. Reaching all of my students more often is the goal!!!

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