Building a practice for mental and social-emotional well-being

These D214 coaching cycles exceeded my expectations in terms of what I hoped to gain in knowledge and the application of the skills learned. As a D214 school counselor, I strive to facilitate student access to resources that address their development (academic, career and social-emotional), and the coaching helped me to address a specific need gap, in which students are provided an opportunity to direct their self-care as an extension of the the school counseling experience. I am proud of the digital book I created, to be introduced the next year's freshman class, and I look forward to developing another book, or perhaps books, yet to be created, in collaboration with others. It has been a wonderful feeling moving from conservative optimism-about what I aimed to accomplish-to an excited anticipation of what more can come from partnering with staff and students.

As a school counselor in D214, the iPad has been a helpful tool, but the coaching has allowed me to elevate the ways in which Apple tools can be used to engage with students outside of the traditional school counseling experience, in classroom or a Student Services office. I want students to feel empowered in building a practice for mental and social-emotional well-being, but realistically, the school day affords little time to do this. That said, students' social-emotional needs will continue to vary greatly, but instead of remaining focused on the challenge this poses, I shifted to an opportunity for student engagement. As an educator, I care about the whole student and this digital product highlights the importance of supporting the mental and social-emotional development of youth.


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Posted on May 13, 2023

Thanks for sharing your experience with coaching cycles and this awesome digital book you created! Is the book also published to Apple Books? This would be a wonderful resource to share beyond your district, and publishing to Apple Books would allow you to do just that!

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