Creating Animated Mazes in Keynote


I've been having fun exploring and creating animated mazes in Keynote. I think this would be a great activity to introduce simple path animation to students. Here are the basic steps for this project:

Step 1: Set a plain background:

  • (add new project) > White > delete text boxes

Step 2: Draw your maze:

  • Draw a single line with the thickest crayon for your main path.
  • Draw a second line to make the path thicker, use the paint tube to fill the path.
  • Add additional paths and dead ends.
  • Select the finished path > Format > Lock (to lock the path in place)

Steps 3, 4, and 5: Decorate with Shapes, Drawings, and Emojis:

  • Add Shapes > Use Format to change the color of the shapes.
  • Draw in additional details.
  • Make a text box (in Shapes, under Basic) to add an emoji. Use text formatting to make the emoji larger.
  • Select all the shapes, group, and lock into the background with the maze path.

Step 6: Add the animation:

  • Add a shape for a character or object to follow your maze.
  • Format the character or object with a contrasting color. Use an outline and shadow to make the character stand out.
  • Tap the character > Animate > Add Action > Animate Path
  • Slowly move the character through the maze, creating the path.
  • Tap the PLAY button to preview.

Step 7: Add a background:

  • Tap the white background > Format
  • Add a color or dynamic background.

Step 8: Save as Video:

  • Export > video > save to photos.

I have created a video at Youtube that demonstrates step by step how to create the mazes. It is broken into steps in case you need specific help with a part of the directions.

There are lots of ways that creating a maze could be integrated into a learning activity in class. Some ideas:

  • Science: Animal in a habitat, looking for food or shelter
  • ELA: A book character with stops at events in the sequence of the story
  • History: A maze through a sequence of historic events
  • Enrichment: add additional animations at stops along the way to tell a story!

Do you have any ideas of how these mazes could be used as part of a learning activity?

Here is a link to my page of Keynote resources:

6 replies

March 25, 2023

Love this Karen! What a creative activity! Thanks for all the steps and the video instructions. Love the idea for history “A maze through a sequence of historic events”!

March 27, 2023

Hey Karen,

I was just watching Shrinking on Apple TV+. They start each episode (the opening credits) with a maze. This is not a show for children, but very funny and engaging for adults. The intro did give me an idea for your animated mazes that both young and old might enjoy creating - health and wellness.

April 01, 2023

Thanks for the idea, Cheryl. Currently have my Apple TV subscription turned off, but planning to resume it in the near future. I will check out those mazes in the show intro - it sounds very creative. I just saw another person on Twitter who adapted the idea for a project self reflection with pathways with emojis where they could reflect on their feelings during a project. A graphic of the project went through the maze and there were ending words to show their final feelings. It was a neat idea!

April 01, 2023

Very cool!

April 21, 2023

Karen, thank you for sharing this awesome activity! I'll be using it with a group I'm supporting. We're creating a 'bird's eye view' of a maze before students build one and code their Sphero to navigate it. Adding the animated piece will be a great opportunity to level up students' Keynote skills. Loved stumbling upon this yesterday.

April 22, 2023

Tami, I love the idea to combine this with Sphero! My students always loved making maze activities with Sphero.

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