Self-Paced "I Can" microtasks for Grade 2 (approximate age)

I have found that much of classroom behavior issues regarding technology comes when teachers are asking all students to stay in lockstep. This is of course needed at times. However, I have greatly benefitted from creating lessons or microprojects which use iPad as an interactive multimedia workspace.

One recent example of this is when I had our Grade 2 students complete this iPad “I Can” activity. I created it as a self-paced formative assessment near the end of the semester to note what micro tasks our Grade 2 students could complete complete with minimal guidance.

I have taught some of the students once per week for about 18 months while others had less than 18 days in their new school. This activity helped me see which students are ready to fly and which students need more support during Semester 2 sessions. It also helped me identify some areas of misunderstandings due to English ability and/or my word choice.

Ironically, the Grade 2 teacher was sick on this day so the Grade 1 teacher was covering during my weekly session. Because we worked closely together with these students last year, he was thrilled to see how calmly the students attacked each challenge.

After seeing this lesson in action we chose to adapt it to work with his Grade 1 students the following week. I aim to continue to adapt and create similar Keynote templates for different levels of experience.

This was inspired by the Apple Books project by Brendan Kelly, Casey Cohen, & Felicity Treptow.

Also, the mindfulness exercise at the beginning of the iCan iPad Challenge template was created by Isabella Liu (ADE Class of 2017)


4 replies

March 27, 2023

Really nice assessment tool! Thanks for the story that goes with it and the link to the helpful Book!

March 27, 2023

Thank you, Cheryl.

March 28, 2023

Love this idea. Thanks for sharing

March 30, 2023

Thank you. It worked quite well and I am excited to improve upon it.

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