The Power of the Flipped Classroom... and (so much) more

From a humble flipped classroom in Barstow High School to a YouTube sensation with over 330K subscribers and a proud owner of a Silver Play Button - that's my "flipped classroom" journey! With 47K TikTok followers and 19K subscribers on my Numberbender Facebook page, I never imagined my passion for math would take me this far. It's been an incredible ride, and it all started from my ADE Summer Institute "One Best Thing" project in 2015 (best class ever).

I wanted to share with you all about my multi-touch book. In it, I detail my step-by-step process for creating engaging and effective flipped classroom videos. By utilizing simple tools like my macbook built-in camera, cut-out whiteboard, and colored markers, I have been able to make math more inviting and accessible to my students.


this image shows my basic video recording set-up using the available materials in my classroom

I also share the results of my action research on how my flipped classroom approach has had a positive impact on my students' attitudes towards mathematics. It is my hope that this book will inspire other educators to try this approach and see similar success in their own classrooms.

As a passionate content creator, it brings me great joy to see my materials being shared and watched by students all around the world. I hope you will take the time to check out my book and see how you can incorporate these strategies into your own teaching practice.


book cover photo

You can download The Power of the Flipped Classroom for free on Apple Books.

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