Clips Forces Dictionary

Next Term I am supporting our ESOL ākonga to have a better understanding of vocabulary for our Senior Conceptual Curriculum Inquiries into Forces.

I have made a 'base' Forces Clips Dictionary for my second language learners. Often these students struggle when it comes to learning, retaining, understanding and effectively using topic specific vocabulary in context. Consequently, their ability to learn and succeed in areas such as Science can be negatively impacted on.

The purpose of having a Clips Dictionary is to support ESOL students to have a 'living' dictionary that evolves with photos, images, videos and relevant text to support and improve their topic knowledge. From the 'base' we will build on ideas and vocabulary that personalises their learning and relates to their Forces Conceptual Curriculum.

I have chosen 'action' and 'reaction' to start our morphological learning. As our basketball season starts in Aotearoa next Term I have linked some of the Forces concepts to this. Their in class learning will expand into different areas, mostly related to STEM which will provide a variety of vocabulary learning to add to our Clips Forces Dictionary.

I'd love to see how other ESOL, second language teachers or those with students who struggle with writing approach increasing topic specific vocabulary.


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