Developing Our Camera Skills

Even though the iPad camera has been around for a very long time now, I am constantly meeting students (and teachers) who are not aware of the true potential it holds.

To encourage my students to really dive deep with it this term I’ve created a  camera workbook they can use to help them develop a more considered and creative use of the tool.

It also serves as a scaffold for those teachers who haven’t really thought just what they can do with this amazing free tool that they all have.

The contents page has conditional formatting on it, so when they change the words ‘To do’ to ‘Done’ the cell will change colour - helping them to see what they’ve focused on and what they can still learn.


Each page has a learning goal and a placeholder for them to upload their photo showing the skill they have focused on.

The context can be whatever the learning is focusing on at the time.


Feel free to download the template and tweak it to suit your own purposes.


3 replies

April 14, 2023

Very nice Keynote template - thanks for the download! Wonderful for teachers and students to understand the potential of the iPad camera - and practice!

April 15, 2023

A great resource covering some photography basics and app functionality in a fun and interactive worksheet format. I love it and can see how this resource would be useful for anyone new to iPad and/or photography. 📸 The supporting slides are a great way to allow teachers and students demonstrate their success and share their work with others. Great work and thanks for sharing with the community!👍

April 16, 2023

Thanks for sharing! I agree that the camera is one of the least effectively used Apple tools and one with so much potential. This is a really useful resource. :)

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