Creative Photography: Scavenger Hunt

Welcoming young children into a brand new classroom brings so much excitement! "What does your room look like? What things do you have? What can I play with?". They're so excited to get looking around and exploring.

There's no better way to harness that excitement on the first day than sending them on a scavenger hunt to investigate your room. But instead of the traditional search for 'a gluestick' or 'a pencil', why not make it a little more creative and allow them to use their imagination a little more? This scavenger hunt offers open-ended search opportunities and the corresponding results are a lot more exciting too. What can they find that is smaller than their hand? What do they spot that is colourful? What can they see that makes them smile?


Child's hand holding an iPad showing the Keynote scavenger hunt

This activity is a great chance to focus on early camera skills using the iPad. I spend time before they complete this activity by sharing skills such as how to hold the iPad steady (feet apart, arms tucked in, iPad held close), how to retake a photo and how to be creative in their photography by looking at things from different angles.

I've attached a Keynote deck that you are welcome to download and change to suit your class. Mine only has 5 items as I teach very young children, but you can adapt this depending on the age of your students. Each little box on the deck is set up so that as soon as students press on the box, the Camera automatically opens for them... a little trick that enables them to be able to access their learning without too many extra steps in the process.

I'd love to see what your pupils photograph!


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Posted on September 19, 2023

Thanks for sharing Karen! I can see this being really awesome for our new ESOL students who have very little English, in conjunct with the Translate app. :)

Posted on February 15, 2024

Hi Karen

Thank you for sharing this as it is such a helpful resource to introduce iPad skills to new 'users'. This will be perfect for our unit on living things and I can add some extra pages for later in the unit. Love your work!

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