What's Worth Fighting For? A Short Clips Inquiry Provocation

In Term 2 I will be supporting my year 4-5 ESOL ākonga with their Inquiry and Literacy Learning. I decided to use an over arching big question: 'What's Worth Fighting For?'

Often our children can not find relevance or understanding in past historical events. I'm hoping that using the big question of "What's Worth Fighting For?' in a Clips format will start discussion, better understanding and learning that specific places, events and taonga (cultural treasures) are important and worth fighting for, without literally fighting like past generations had to.

Our learning will move from a past historical event, and finding out about ANZAC Day to Māori Legends and then onto our recent historical event of Matariki ( Māori New Year ) becoming a public holiday in New Zealand.

We are going to inquire through STEM activities driven by legends, problem solving, collaboration and discussion. During this process students will learn that 'fighting for something' works best in these kinds of environments where different ideas and voices can be heard.

Students can then choose from a list of ways to share their learning by adding into the Clips base template.

This provocation could easily be adapted for which ever country you may come from or be living in as we all have our own unique history, legends and stories to share.


4 replies

April 17, 2023

What a wonderful challenge for your learners! Your essential question certainly is a “spark” that will get them thinking and hopefully connecting to history. And the Clips piece that they will contribute adds to the creativity. Thanks for sharing!

April 17, 2023

Thanks for the positive feedback about the learning and creativity Cheryl. I appreciate it. :)

April 18, 2023

I second Cheryl's comment! I also wanted to add that in my experience, all students need is that "spark" provided by the teacher to catch their interest. That spark, combined with an opportunity to be creative (using iPad) can truly ignite learning, leading students experience deeper learning and to create meaningful projects that reach far beyond traditional instruction!

Congratulations for developing such a wonderful activity! I am certain you will be fulfilled when the final results are being evaluated.

April 18, 2023

Thanks for the feedback Donald!

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