Scaffolding Learning for Young Learners in Numbers

Numbers is a great tool for scaffolding learning experiences, investigations and inquiry for young learners and provides some great tools to ensure all learners can access content and demonstrate their learning in ways that suit their learning style.

Attached is an example of a Mini Beasts Investigation where young learners are guided through activities that enable them to explore, make, draw and design as they learn about the Mini Beasts presented. Some top tips below:

  • Naming sheets across the top allows easy navigation (add emoji for visual connections)
  • Adding audio instructions and recordings ensures all learners can access content
  • Including a variety of digital and blended learning activities makes tasks engaging and adding placeholders makes it easy for young learners to upload evidence of their learning
  • Add links to tabs with preselected content (videos, audio, images, text) for support and add links to curated websites or books to extend those young learners who are able to read and synthesise their own information.
  • Lock text boxes so that young learners don't move things around or accidentally delete parts of an activity.




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Posted on April 29, 2023

Julie, this is such a beautifully made template! I love the way it walks the learners through the process and provides the opportunity to use multiple media. Also “Mini Beasts” is such a great term 👍. I think a scaffolding like this would also work well for high schoolers. Thank you!

Posted on May 01, 2023

Thank you Cheryl 🥰

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