Integrating Technology for Inquiry Projects

Co-Author: @wolffeb

Struggling with integrating technology into the daily classroom? Are your students tired of the same old projects? We have you covered! Not only will this allow students the opportunity to showcase their depth of understanding; it will also provide your students an opportunity to be creative and artistic with an engaging tool to enhance learning.   

This project was used for an Inquiry and Research end-of-unit Project with a 3rd Grade classroom. Students researched an animal, uploaded a picture, and used Line Draw Animation to create a Pictionary-style hook for their presentation. Student then shared information about their animals.

Line Draw provides students multiple options and opportunities to be creative while showcasing their depth of complexity!  

Adding Animations to student's work provides another way to showcase student learning. Animations also allows for students to create multilayers of technology by adding actions and voice recordings. Recordings can show level of understanding or allow for students to explain their process.

Reply explaining how you and your students use Animations and Line Draw to increase engagement. #OPSProud #FocusProud #OPS_Gifted


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Posted on April 06, 2024

This is such a great lesson / presentation hook, Andrew and wolffeb! 👏

Such a great way to get others more engaged in student presentations! 🤩

My own students use animation with Keynote (particularly Magic Move transitions and Create Path animations) to animate and illustrate their understanding of geographic landforms and processes in Geography class!

Keynote is the best!! 🙌

Posted on April 09, 2024

Thanks for the post Andrew - love the explanation (and drawing demo). Very cool way to merge inquiry and creativity!

Posted on April 10, 2024

Thanks for sharing these quick references! Line draw is hands down my favorite tool! When I introduce students to the tracing feature, it's like giving them a superpower—it really empowers all students to create something they are proud of. Line draw is also versatile. You can keep it simple or dive into complex creations, depending on your mood or project.

One way I've used line draw was during a high school English class while we were analyzing George Orwell's "1984." Drawing inspiration from Norman Rockwell paintings, students recreated and reimagined them to reflect the book's themes. They could take it a step further by adding animations and audio recordings to really dig into their analysis.

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