Susquenita's Book of Presidents

Susquenita's Book of Presidents was an excellent project that promoted a deep understanding of the executive branch among high school students. This project required 11th graders to research the early life, presidential accomplishments, and challenges of various U.S. presidents. 

The Book of Presidents proved to be a unique and engaging way to help students learn about the presidency. By researching and presenting the lives and accomplishments of the presidents, students gained a deeper understanding of the office of the presidency and the role it played in American government and history. Moreover, the incorporation of interactive features of pages added an element of creativity to the project, which kept students engaged and motivated

One of the most exciting aspects of the Book of Presidents project was that it was shared with elementary students. By sharing their knowledge and expertise with younger students, the high schoolers became role models and leaders, and the elementary students gained a better understanding of the presidency. This exchange of knowledge also allowed the elementary students to create their own book, which encouraged creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking through the use of Pages and Clips.


Susquenita's Book of Presidents Cover
Example page from the book. All pages follow the same template layout.
You can download Susquenita's Book of Presidents for free on Apple Books.

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